2018 State Tournament

April 7, 2018
Buchanan High School
& Alta Sierra Intermediate
1560 N. Minnewawa Ave. Clovis, CA 93619

Tournament Scores

Special Awards

Award Ceremonies Pictures including Pictures of Winners


Important!!  Venue Changes for:

  • Treasurer ML & EL — Now EL in Buchanan HS 403 (Drama) & ML in Buchanan HS 402 (Dance)
  • Unlikely Attraction EL -P  — Now in Buchanan HS Rm 559 (prep in Rm 557)
  • Change of Tune EL/SL & ML — Now EL/SL  in Buchanan HS Library & ML in Library Lecture Hall
  • Click Here for new maps reflecting the changes.

These changes were made to give teams with props protected areas for check in and prep due to high probability of RAIN

Please note that a prop drop IS NOT a place to leave props.  It is a place to unload your props to move to your venue or your gathering area.  You can not just “Drop the Props and leave them there for someone to pick up later.  There is no prop storage area provided at this tournament.

Because of the rain please bring rain gear not only for yourself but also for your props.



We have made reserved room blocks for teams going to the tournament. To reserve a hotel go to https://playfresno-housing.org/events/event_details/294 There are other events going on in Clovis the same weekend.  Reserve your hotel soon.


There will be an extremely limited number for sale the day of the tournament. Pre-Order has ended

Food At Tournament

  • There will be food available for purchase at the tournament.  Click here for menu.

Bulletins and Guides

Site Specific Restrictions

  • No taping or attaching anything to the floor.  This is an extension of a restriction listed in the Rules of the Road, page 17 C 2 to include walls, furniture, and FLOORS
  • Helium filled balloons are not allowed.
  • Dry Ice is allowed provided you follow the handling procedures listed in the Rules of the Road page 22 H8
  • Buchanan & Alta Sierra has a “zero tolerance policy regarding firearms.  If you follow the CalDI policy ““For all tournaments in California, any depiction of a weapon (per 2017-18 Rules of the Road p. 23 Section 15 paragraph 3 (VII.H.15.3)) must be displayed only during the performance of the team’s solution.”” and follow the guidelines in the Rules of the Road, you team is ok.

New Advancement Guidelines For Global Finals 2018 (Selection of Team advancing to Global Finals)

Handouts and Forms

Maps Reflecting the Changes in Venues at Buchanan High School Because of Rain!!! 


  • State Tournament Performance  & General Schedule (updated)
    State Tournament Performance & General Schedule (updated)
    Please understand that it takes our scheduler nearly 20 hours to complete this schedule in her efforts to accommodate the over 75conflict requests out of nearly 205 teams.  With this in mind, there can be no changes made to the schedule.  Some teams must go early and some teams must go late, but in my experience, if your team has a strong challenge solution, it does not make a difference when they perform.  I have seen teams with all different start times advance to Global Finals.
  • Official’s Schedule

    We will be using SignUpGenius for the Officials (volunteers) to pick their official duty and time. It is very important that we have an accurate email to send all officials the link to sign up. This has been used very successfully in many of the regions across the state. Once we open the sign-ups Official’s will have the opportunity to see what duties and times are open and select one that best fits their schedule. It will be on a first come basis so the earlier they sign up the more options available. To sign up they will need the team number. Positions will be for around 3 hours each.

    We will send out an email to all team managers, and officials letting them know the dates when the sign-ups will open and close. This email will be sent once the tournament schedule is posted. This way all will know when their team is performing before they have to sign up. If they do not sign up by close date they will be assigned one of the remaining open times. If this happens we will do our best to for them to see their team perform (no guarantees), but it might also mean their Official’s time slot is not close to the team performance time. Once the schedule is posted it is final. If you have to substitue a person for the assigned person that is allowed. Just make sure someone shows up for your teams assigned time.