2017 State Tournament Special Awards

Renaissance medal

Renaissance Award

This award is given for outstanding skill in the areas of design, engineering, execution, or performance.

Instant Challenge – Secondary Level

Team: Sugar Jazams 105-66793

In the spirit of this instant challenge, this disciplined team stretched out beyond our expectations. Their solution was rooted in excellent design and flawless execution. They methodically reached out by connecting all the dots.

Service Challenge (project Outreach): Ready, Willing & Fable – Secondary Level

Team: 3.141592654  105-34962

Appraisers were wowed by the unique crafting of the team’s fable, incorporating their experience and knowledge of Hispanic culture throughout. Their use of metaphor in relating their service learning project gathering supplies for foster children to the story of a “foster” mother and child who found each other in the world of the dead was powerful and moving. Their presentation was meticulously crafted with obvious love, care, and creativity.

Engineering Challenge: In It Together – Elementary Level

Team: The Glue Squad 105-48727

For going above and beyond adding complex technology to achieve the illusion inside the story line.

  • Programmed board with special moving gear inside a time machine
  • Integrating an on-off switch with ultrasonic Sensors into an artistic representation of a broken smart phone
  • Integrating artistic low tech and high tech props with the story

Technical Challenge: Show & Tech – Middle Level

Team: Hexagon of Doom 105-90368

This team was not doomed to be unrecognized. From the start, they baffled us with riddles, which led to an adventure. Through a dreamscape filled with green magic doors, a river of time, and a knight with sphinx wings. Riddle me this: Who had a captivating performance with technical expertise? Hexagon of Doom!

The flow of the storyline with the use of riddles interwoven throughout each scene was creative. It created a cohesive story that flowed from one scene to another. The use of soda cans in the sphinx wings and the weld armor were especially beautiful and impressive.

Technical Challenge: Show & Tech – Middle Level

Team: DI-nos 105-69187

There are many elements of a central challenge, and this team was outstanding by each and every measure. From the snail’s inner mechanics (an elegant use of pistons, servo motors, and magnetics) to the fun and cohesive storyline, and their professional grade costumes (we really loved the snail backpacks!), this team really excelled. These dinos shouldn’t go extinct anytime soon!

Technical Challenge: Show & Tech – Secondary Level

Team: “3”  105-58274

Rhyming couplets led the way, for everything they had to say. Milk’s journey through Joe’s mouth into a swirling intestine powered by a 12-foot seesaw was guided by talking DNA. Our hero, the enzyme lactase, found his purpose when lactose was split into glactose and glucose. Good things come in 3!

Technical Challenge: Show & Tech – Secondary Level

Team: DI Hard 105-11193

Pirates and mermaids and treasure, oh my! This team combined a sassy mermaid, a mutiny, and a struggle for treasure into a compelling story. We marveled at their magic mermaid door, golden waterfall, and hydrolic clamshell. Excellent work, DI Hard! You wove every element into your story in a seamless way, with humor and cohesive flow. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation!

Technical Challenge: Show & Tech – Secondary Level

Team: DI-namic Duo 105-41234

DI-namic Duo is doubly strong! With not one, but two innovative and well-crafted solutions to this technical challenge, the Appraisers still can’t agree as to which one showed the most brilliance!

The technical challenge Appraisers had the best of all possible problems — a team with two technology solutions with the highest level of innovation and craftsmanship. First we were awed by the mobile, articulating being that was the “Tree-Spider-Jellyfish,” or “TSJ” for short.

And then found our heads nodding as set after set elegantly changed over the suspended protagonist. Such perfect execution!

Way to go, DI-namic Duos!

Fine Arts Challenge: Vanished! – Elementary Level

Team: Crayolific Creators 105-87044

Intricate and beautiful performance tells a fable about nature and technology through gesture, poetry, song, costumes, and sets packed with symbolism.

The performance successfully answered the challenge and did so with so much intricacy that it was challenging to take it all in. Vibrant characters in elaborate costumes told an entertaining and enlightening story entirely in poetry.

Fine Arts Challenge: Vanished! – Middle Level

Team: Chajjo 105-22546

This team is full of amazing actors who told a story about Russians removing yellow from the world with a recorded global news broadcast, a rap battle that connected all the story points, and sharp puns jokes and asides at every turn.

This team presented a story about the Russian government stopping banana production by removing yellow from the world. The energy was high, the timing was perfect, the acting was incredibly natural. Almost every line was some sort of pun or joke or witty injunction. These kids are sharp! They build characters well, and then those characters entered into a rap battle that hilariously summarized the whole story/experience.

There was also a recorded video newscast to demonstrate the disappearance of the color affecting the world — it showed things from around the world, and even the green screen disappearing. Our mouths were agape most of the performance, and it was clear the team loved performing as much as we loved watching them perform.

Fine Arts Challenge: Vanished! – Secondary Level

Team: Sugar Rush 105-11923

Engineering feats employed special effects and magic tricks that belong in Phantom of the Opera. A gutsy performance tackled mental health themes and made chilling use of high drama. This is most worthy of commendation.

We make the Renaissance Award to a team that at every turn demonstrated extraordinary amounts of creative and technical prowess. Engineering feats employed special effects that belong in Phantom of the Opera. Design feats brought out true emotion from both the characters and the audience. And an acting performance made chilling use of high drama. What struck this appraisal team most is that everything was meaningful. A bold move to choose tragedy over comedy, a masterful use of light to cue emotions, and a gutsy incorporation of mental health themes within the story makes this team truly worthy of commendation.

Scientific Challenge: Top Secret – Elementary Level

Team: Gigantic Teddy Bears 105-22504

This team went above and beyond in every element — design, engineering and performance — transporting us to Atlantis.

Their story was well crafted, taking us with the researchers to discover Atlantis. Their Jellyfish Jail Cell used water bottles and LED lights creatively, looking like a jellyfish. The coral reef was beautifully crafted and it was fun to see the earth make it quake.

Scientific Challenge: Top Secret – Middle Level

Team: No Pressure 105-43201

“No Pressure” presented a most original take on the secret message and the gadget that reveals it by featuring “peer pressure” as the character in disguise, and high school being the gadget that reveals the true nature and potential of various insecurities. We were impressed with their detailed costumes, elaborate backdrop and upbeat message.

Spirit of DI medal

Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award

This award is given in recognition of those who act as superior role models in the areas of spirit, teamwork, sportsmanship, or volunteerism.

Instant Challenge – Elementary Level

Team: Slices and Dices 105-68470

This elementary team was on the ball with their exceptional teamwork during their IC. Despite large age differences, they showed respect and efficiency far beyond expectations!

Fine Arts Challenge: Vanished! – Middle Level

Team: Banana’s 105-30505

This team has a member who moved across the country and thanks to technology (the use of an iPad and Facetime) and a strong team bond, they worked through the challenges to successfully execute a cross country performance.

The Spirit of DI shines through as we witness Banana’s commitment to their team and the effort to coordinate across time zones and with many logistical challenges to creat a strong performance. The team created a structure to display an iPad with a team member “presenting” her part via Facetime. This remote team member had a costume and makeup to tie into her part. The Appraisers were impressed by the team’s commitment ot each other and the integration of technology to solve the “problem” of a remote team member.

DaVinci medal

DaVinci Award

This award is given for having a unique approach to a solution, for risk taking, and/or for outstanding creativity (not skill or talent).

Service Challenge (Project Outreach): Ready, Willing & Fable – Middle Level

Team: We Be J.J.A.B.B.E.N. 105-77319

Appraisers were astounded and engaged by this team’s choice of non-human character. The representations of fitness and laziness competing inside the seesaw of the human brain and clever storytelling displayed remarkable creativity.

Engineering Challenge: In It Together – Elementary Level

Team: DIdea 105-08274

The team that brings smiles to faces by inventing a creative machine.

The dentist doesn’t recommend to eat candies. This team found a mustache candy, which is natural and edible. The props have some creativity such as the candy machine has a roller conveyer belt and a Mona Lisa painting with a mustache. The mustache is actually a candy.

Fine Arts Challenge: Vanished! – Middle Level

Team: DI Ice Baby 105-28102

Do berries know prejudice? DI Ice Baby found a very creative way to show how prejudice harms everyone.

Blueberry is the only blue fruit. Red berries tease her mercilessly. When Blue makes red vanish, all the berry bushes stop photosynthesizing! Realizing her terrible mistake, Blue offers her own life to bring the red back. Fortunately, she’s not the only fruit who got the lesson — one of the formerly red berries helps her bring red back without sacrificing herself. All the berries live happily together after.

Fine Arts Challenge: Vanished ! – Middle Level

Team: Banana Squids 105-64550

This team boldly represented topics that could be very controversial to some. Addressing repression and discrimination of gay people, amongst other world topics.

In presenting their skit, the Banana Squid addressed topics, in particular discrimination and imprisonment of gay men in Nazi Germany, then the importance and symbology of pink in gay culture. This subject is one of great controversy. The bravery of the youngsters to sand for this subject is to be commended.

Scientific Challenge: Top Secret – Elementary Level

Team: The Majestic Dabbing Unicorns 105-22504

This team showed off their creativity in every possible aspect. Characters were well developed and distinctive, their set was made of a variety of mediums, and we were surprised multiple times throughout the story.

  • Loved girl popping out of suitcase
  • Suitcase had multiple uses
  • Couch converted to boar
  • Backdrops creative and detailed
  • Disguised girl surprised us all