2016 State Tournament Results

Candids and Pictures of the Winners


Special Awards

The Renaissance Award
Team: Cabbage, 105-09601
Team Challenge: Pace of Change SL

Who brings their own, hand-made, elevated monorail to a convention center? The same team that built their own motor control panel – with a fail-safe back-up – to allow their vehicle to “walk” on the monorail and then drive off and around it!

The Renaissance Award
Team: Bananas, 105-30327
Team Challenge: In Plain Site ML

The beauty of this costume was simply astounding. It was a very close replica of the real orchid-mantis. The legs were mantis-like and moved mantis-like, joints and all the body, constructed out of batting and cloth, segmented with wire. It looked like the real thing as well. The mantis’s acting brought the mantis to life. We will never forget this beautiful camo-creature!

The DaVinci Award
Team: Law & Order, 105-73427
Team Challenge: In Plain Site SL

Law & Order presented their entire solution without the use of dialogue. One team member created a contiguous soundtrack with seamless transitions between songs. The songs chosen and length of cuts were determined based on the storyline the team decided on, and the emotion mood that each point in the plot would convey. The soundtrack had deliberate song/mood changes to convey important plot points. However, there were no gaps between the songs and no gaps in the corresponding choreography.

The Renaissance Award
Team: Diversity Cubed, 105-06030
Team Challenge: Get a Clue EL

This team’s techniclue consisted of a 9 cubic foot, functional rubiks cube. It was formed as the story unfolded. The cube used a system of circuitry that connected by magnets, and, when completely constructed, lit up and turned. When used along with their story and individual costumes it was a unique, intricate and visually stunning complement to their message of acceptance and diversity.

The DaVinci Award
Team: Destination Assasination, 105-39000
Team Challenge: Get a Clue ML

This team displayed what the appraisal tam deems as unparalleled creativity in approaching the problems of historical setting and traverse staging. When interviewed, the children confessed that since they could not come to an agreement on which of two time periods to use, they conspired to integrate both, capitalizing on the traverse staging mandate to portray the two different time periods.

The Renaissance Award
Team: Where’s the Caffeine, 105-56460
Team Challenge: Get a Clue ML

This team presented a polished skit about the civil rights movement, dealing with hot button topics in a mature way, but also including fantastical elements, like a magical book.

The Renaissance Award
Team: Hoagie Bear, 105-47882
Team Challenge: Get a Clue SL

This team displayed creativity, artistic thinking, and perseverance while creating a large Liberty Bell and “DNA Identification” structure. These pieces were made through trial and error and out of junkyard pieces and recycled materials. The team’s meticulous attention to detail was evident, from the crack on the bell to the hidden wooden supports that made it appear the bell was hanging.

The Renaissance Award
Team: Waffle Warriors, 105-12653
Team Challenge: Close Encounters ML

Steady 3-foot tripod with telescope. Superior technical design of the tripod legs. Each leg is made of two connected and rolled pieces of paper. Adjustable telescopic telescope. Four team members collaborated to create the telescope in 3 minutes out of newspaper. Very stable design: it was moved multiple times in and out of the confined space.

The Torchbearer Award
Team:  The Mustache Warriors, 105-37095
Team Challenge: The Meme Event SL

We were impressed with their impact in alleviating suffering of children. Their first project included 50 volunteers and leveraging community partners over 4 days to package over 10,000 meals (exceeding their goal) to feed children in Haiti. Their second project was writing 100 birthday cards in Russian for children in a Russian orphanage.

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