Regional Registration

After purchasing a Team Number via the Shop on the Destination Imagination web site, you will have electronic access to the 2017-18 Destination Imagination Program Materials.

In order to participate in a California tournament, you must Register your team by completing your team’s information in the California Registration System and paying the Region Fee of $200 before the Regional Registration Close Date (January 15, 2018). You will need your team’s unique Team Number and Order Number to do this. 

A team’s Registration Information is complete for their unique Team Number in the California Registration System when the following is done:

  • At least one Team Manager over the age of 18 and no longer in High School is identified and Registered as the Team Manager for the unique Team Number
  • One Regional Appraiser over the age of 18 and no longer in High School is identified and Registered as the Regional Appraiser for the unique Team Number
  • One Regional Official over the age of 18 and no longer in High School is identified and Registered as the Regional Official for the unique Team Number
  • Team Members’ information is complete
  • Team Challenge the team plans to present a solution to at the tournament is correctly identified. Team Managers are responsible for verifying the Team Challenge shown at is the Team Challenge your team plans to create a solution for and present at a tournament.
  • Team Name is entered correctly. Please ensure the spelling and capitalization is the way the team wants it to be.
  • If your team is not affiliated with an Organization, School, or Group, you should enter the City where your team meets in the Organization
  • Your team’s Registration Information must be complete at before you can pay the Region Fee. Region Fees are per Team Number, and are based on the cost of the tournament and administering the program in the local area. The cost of the Team Number does not include Region Fees.
  • Your team’s Registration Information must be Complete with accurate information, and the Region Fee paid before your team can be scheduled for the Regional Tournament. Your team’s Regional Registration for the Silicon Valley Regional Tournament is NOT Complete until the Region Fee payment is received by the Regional Treasurer or Regional Director.
  • Regional Registrations Completed January 16-30, 2018 Pay the $400 Silicon Valley Region LATE Fee.



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