What Is Instant Challenge?




About Instant Challenge 

Instant Challenge provides a chance for a Team to show off its creative problem solving skills in a short, unrehearsed
presentation to Appraisers. Although each Instant Challenge has different requirements, all Instant Challenges reward
Teams for teamwork and the uniqueness and creativity of the Team’s Solution. Instant Challenges are between five and ten minutes in length and worth up to 100 points.


The Basics of Instant Challenge 

· All Teams will be scheduled to do an Instant Challenge in addition to their Central Challenge.
· The nature and content of each Instant Challenge is kept confidential until the day of the Tournament.


The Two Types of Instant Challenges



A Performance-Based Instant Challenge involves the Team “performing” a Solution for the Appraisers. Teams may be
judged on the creativity of their Solution, presentation, and/or use of materials, along with Teamwork. The Team may be asked to use words, conversation, and/or dramatic characterizations to Solve the Challenge. Language may or may not be involved in the performance. Teams may or may not be given time to practice their solution before presenting it to the Appraisers. Materials may be real or imaginary.



A Task-Based Challenge requires the Team to use materials to move, build, change or protect objects. Teams may be scored on how well they work together to design the solution and the creativity of their final project. Team Members may also receive points for accomplishing a task. Team Members may or may not be allowed to talk during this type of Challenge.

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The Destination Imagination (DI) Experience!

Destination Imagination (DI) is a global program that promotes problem solving, teamwork, and creativity in students. Teams of up to seven students choose a challenge to work creatively and collaboratively to find a solution. Teams present their team challenge solutions by performing a skit in front of an audience and appraisers. The team challenges emphasize Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). In addition, the DI experience exposes students to instant challenges that give students practice in rapid thinking, design, planning, and executing. In DI, the solution belongs to the team members and the team members alone. All ideas, scenery, scripts, and props are created by the team members. No one outside the team may help in any way with the solution to the challenge. Team members sign a contract prior to every tournament stating that the solution is theirs and no one outside the team helped. Rising Stars teams have modified guidelines for interference rules.

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