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Alumni in California

“You are more than 120,000 strong, and from all over… You are scientists, engineers, inventors and patent-holders… You are famous (and not so famous) performers and artists…. You are businesspeople, teachers, administrators, parents, and students…”

Join Us!

Whatever Destination Imagination (DI) has helped you become, we hope that you (and now your children) are still active in the program! We encourage you to catch up on what’s happening with DI. Share some great memories, appraise at a Tournament, get involved, stay involved, and help Destination Imagination keep the creativity flowing.

If you find yourself in California we hope you will return and give back to our creative community!

Our CALDI DI Alumni are a huge part of our program and we are so excited to help you stay involved in whatever way works best for you! Our alumni members serve as Appraisers, Challenge Masters, Team Managers, and tournament volunteers. They are easily identified by their CALDI Alumni-RED-Tie and their contagious excitement for Destination Imagination.

The CALDI Alumni Relations Coordinators is Kathy McBride. She can help you find a community of DI volunteers wherever you’re located. They can connect you to Regional leadership and answer questions about getting involved as a volunteer. Contact Kathy HERE.

We also love to hear from our high school seniors so we can help with the exciting transition from participant to alumni member!

Keep in Touch!

  1. Join our CALDI Facebook community! We’ll let you know about training events and other activities here in California.
  2. Join the Destination Imagination Alumni Association (DIAA) to learn what is happening around the world, including job opening information.
  3. Plan on becoming a Team Manager or Appraiser in your community, wherever you live today.
  4. Reconnect with us! Let us know how to reach you by filling out the form above.

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The Destination Imagination (DI) Experience!

Destination Imagination (DI) is a global program that promotes problem solving, teamwork, and creativity in students. Teams of up to seven students choose a challenge to work creatively and collaboratively to find a solution. Teams present their team challenge solutions by performing a skit in front of an audience and appraisers. The team challenges emphasize Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). In addition, the DI experience exposes students to instant challenges that give students practice in rapid thinking, design, planning, and executing. In DI, the solution belongs to the team members and the team members alone. All ideas, scenery, scripts, and props are created by the team members. No one outside the team may help in any way with the solution to the challenge. Team members sign a contract prior to every tournament stating that the solution is theirs and no one outside the team helped. Rising Stars teams have modified guidelines for interference rules.

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