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State Staff

Position Name (and E-mail) Phone
Affiliate Director (Executive Director) Dick Pinney 858-864-7172
Board Chair Doug DeFrees 408-227-5321
Board Treasurer Shirley Gold
Board Secretary Michelle Piotrowski 559-676-6776
Affiliate Tournament Director Michelle Piotrowski
Challenges Director Doug DeFrees
Affiliate Appraiser Coordinator Michelle Piotrowski
Affiliate Accountant Rosemary Bognar Pinney
Webmaster Doug DeFrees

Region Directors

Region Director Name (and E-mail) Phone
ONE Shelley Larkin 916-276-8737
Best of the Bay Sharon Kovalevsky
Judy Lawrie
Silicon Valley Mary Jane Campbell  408-234-1856
San Joaquin Valley Michelle Piotrowski
Brianna Higgins
Central Coast Karen Beaudin 805-478-9987
LA-DI-Land Kathy Folk
Neil McMahon
Beverly Webb
Waves to Dunes Robbin Guy 858-367-8549

Affiliate Challenge Masters

Challenge Masters E-Mail Phone
Technical Maze Craze
Henk Oolders
Bob Burns N/A
Scientific Unlikely Attraction Michelle Baker
Jay Baker
Jordy Goldstein 530-277-6478
Fine Arts Change of Tune Doug DeFrees
Rick Sale 408-227-5321
Improvisational Treasure! Lisa Phillips
Marshall Rainey 760-722-3598
Engineering Drop Zone Kathy Folk
Martha Bailey 818-712-9575
Service Learning/
project Outreach
Inside Impact  Mary Jane Campbell 408-248-4356
Early Learning/
Rising Stars
Friends Everywhere Peter Shepherd 408-679-0975
Instant Challenge Sharon Kissel
Richard Kissel
Ivy Orcutt
Alan Orcutt 559-900-4319
Score Room Shirley Gold
John Piotrowski 626-437-9164

California Destination Imagination Board of Directors


Position Name (and E-mail) Phone
Executive Dir Dick Pinney 858-864-7172
Board Chair Doug DeFrees  408-227-5321
Secretary Michelle Piotrowski 559-676-6776
Treasurer Shirley Gold
Board Member Rosemary Bognar Pinney  858-243-9340
Board Member Jim McCarthy
Board Member Lynn Macey 408-930-1178
Regional Rep Mary Jane Campbell
Regional Rep Kathy Folk