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Purchase Team Numbers for the 2017-18 season of Destination Imagination from Destination Imagination & Register your team in California at

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Imagination to Innovation

Prices for Unique Team Number(s) (Not including Region Fees)

  • Team Number   $105  Nat’l Fee + $85 State Registration Fee = $190 total.
  • Team Number (Early Learning) Digital Materials only $105 Nat’l Fee + 85 State Registration Fee = $190 Total

Start A Team

  1. Purchase your Team Number in one of these three ways
    1. Online:
    2. Mail:  Fill in the 2017-18-start-a-team-form and Mail with payment to the address on the form. Use this method for purchases being paid by purchase orders.
    3. Call Destination Imagination at 1.888.321.1503 / Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EST)
  2. Purchasers assign Team Numbers to Team Managers and give them the Order Number so they can register.
  3. Team Managers Go To to claim their team
    1. If you do not have and account click log-in anyway.  The is an option on the log-in screen to create an account.  You will need your Team Number and Order Number to sign in.
    2. Here is how to access the 2017-18 Challenges (one at a time):

      Log into the Resource Area at:

      After you log in go to the “Teams Tab”

      1.       Click on “My Teams”

      2.       Click on “Modify” (the pencil)

      3.       Select a “Challenge” and a “Challenge Level”, then hit “Save”

      4.       Click on “Modify” (the pencil) again

      5.       Then select a “Language” and click on “View Digital Challenge”

      To request that a printed copy of the Challenge you would like to have shipped to you, select “Ship Challenge” instead of “View Challenge” in Step Number 5, listed above.

  4. Team Managers Register with California at
    1. Team Managers, register your team the day after you purchased The Team Number.  Register your team into the CA Registration System at register.caldi.orgYou will need your Team Number and Order Number.
    2. If have any questions or difficulties with registration contact the Affiliate Director
  5. Team Managers Attend Training
    1. Regional Team Manager Training — Watch the Calendar on this website for Training Sessions in your area.  September, October and November
    2. Team Manager Training Webinars  Recording Available Now


Then – Enjoy your DI Team(s) and be amazed at what they can accomplish!!