Background Check Policy and Q&As

California Destination Imagination Background Check Policy

As part of our youth protection plan the California Destination Imagination (CalDI), the Board of Directors has decided to require all Staff, Team Mangers, and Appraisers registered with CalDI to obtain a background check from Verified Volunteers.  This background check must be renewed annually.

Noncompliance will result in removal of a person from their position or denial of any position in CalDI.

Policy Statement:   Complete Policy

All CalDI Board Members, Affiliate and Regional operational staff, Team Managers, and Appraisers are required to order a background check from Verified Volunteers and to share the results with CalDI. CalDI recognizes only Verified Volunteers criminal history background checks. This must be performed annually with the individual paying for each check.

Any person who does not pass their background check will be notified and can contact Verified Volunteers for an explanation and further possible actions. Otherwise, persons not passing the check will be considered not eligible resulting in immediate denial of the right to hold any position in CalDI.

Questions and Answers

Question: Who is required to have a background check?
Answer: All Team Managers, and Appraisers will be required to obtain background checks. Additionally all California Destination Imagination Staff (Affiliate Directors, Affiliate Board Members, Affiliate Challenge Masters, Affiliate Operating Committee members, Regional Directors, Regional Committee Members, Regional Challenge Masters) will also be required to obtain background checks.

Question: Will Assistant Team Managers also be required to obtain background checks?
Answer: Assistant Team Managers are Team Managers so they also need to obtain background checks.

Question: Why is California Destination Imagination requiring backgrounds checks?
Answer: The is part of our commitment to provide a safe comfortable environment for the youth in the program.  Background checks are only one part of our ongoing youth protections efforts. Education materials and additional policies along with training in youth protection are in development.

Question: Where do we obtain these background checks?
Answer: Background Checks must be obtained from Verified Volunteers.  When you register at, you will be sent an email which will contain instructions on how to obtain the check.  There will be a unique link to Verified Volunteers to obtain your background check

Question: Where can I find more information about Verified Volunteers and how will my background check information be handled?
Answer: Detailed background check information will be housed at Verified Volunteers.  The only people at California Destination Imagination with access to this information will be the California Destination Imagination Executive Director and the Associate Executive Director.  For more information about Verified Volunteers background checks go to

Question: How much will it cost?
Answer: Staff members and Team managers are required to obtain a Level 3 background check for $26.00.  Appraisers are required to obtain a Level 2 background check for $17.00.

Question: Who pays for background checks?
Answer: The person obtaining the background check pays for their check.

Question: How often will we be required to renew our background check?
Answer: Your background check need to be renewed annually.  When you pay for a background check you are actually paying for the initial background check plus monthly rechecks for a year.

Question: I already have had a background check from other agencies.  May I send you a verification of that background check?
Answer: No, California Destination Imagination only accepts background checks at the appropriate level from Verified Volunteers.

Question: I already have a background check from Verified Volunteers.  May I share that with you through Verified Volunteers?
Answer: Yes, as long as the background check level is appropriate for your role in California Destination Imagination.

Question: I went to Verified Volunteers to obtain a background check and was asked for a “Good Deed Code.”  What is that?
Answer: A Good Deed Code identifies to Verified Volunteers the organization for which you are obtaining a background check along with the level required.  For Staff and Team Managers, the Good Deed Code is “qy4nsov” and the Good Deed Code for Appraisers is “whwpnte.”

Question: What happens if I do not either get a background check or I am deemed to be ineligible?
Answer: You will not be allowed to be a volunteer associated with or hold any role in California Destination Imagination that reguires a background check. Your Region Director will be notified of you ineligiblility.

Question: What if I disagree with results of the Verified Volunteers Report?
Answer:   Verified Volunteers will provide you with a detailed result of you background check. If you disagree with the results, you have the right to contest the findings.