2017 State Tournament

A happy team

April 1, 2017
McClellan Convention Center
5411 Luce Ave McClellan, CA 95652

Doors Open at 6:30 am
Closing Ceremony seating at 6:30 pm, Ceremony starts at 7:00 pm

Hotel Information

Please stay at one of the hotels we have arranged for you.  There are areas near the conference center are that are basically unsafe.

  • Lion’s Gate Hotel and Conference Center, 3410 Westover, McClellan  (Site of the Tournament)
    For reservations go to http://tinyurl.com/z2one5y or call 877-539-7070 and use group code “IMAGINATION2017.”
  • Crown Plaza Northeast, 5321 Date Ave., Sacramento
    For reservations call (877) 504-0054 and identify yourself as being with Destination Imagination 2017 State Tournament
  • Hampton Inn & Suites, Cal Expo, 2230 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento.
    For reservations goto www.sacramentoauburnblvd.hamptoninn.com  use Group Code: “DIS”
  • Holiday Inn Express, Cal Expo, 2224, Auburn Blvd., Sacramento.
    For reservations go to www.hiexpress.com/sacramentone and using GROUP CODE: “DIS”.
  • Hilton Inn, Arden West, 2200 Harvard St., Sacramento, CA 95815
    For reservations go to Hilton Event Reservations
  • Double Tree – Sacramento, 2200 Harvard Street Sacramento, CA 95815
    For reservations go to Double Tree Event Reservations

Bulletins and Guides

Handouts and Forms

Maps and Directions

  • Map and Directions to McClellan, CA (To be posted.)
  • Map of Tournament (To be posted.)
  • Map to Prop Unloading (To be posted.)
  • Map of Challenge Venues (To be posted.)
  • Team Traffic Flow Maps (To be posted.)

Schedules ( will be posted by March 20, 2017)

  • State Tournament Performance Schedule
    Please understand that it took our scheduler nearly 20 hours to complete this schedule in her efforts to accommodate the over 100 conflict requests out of nearly 250 teams.  With this in mind, there can be no changes made to the schedule.  Some teams must go early and some teams must go late, but in my experience, if your team has a strong challenge, it does not make a difference when they perform.  I have seen teams with all different start times advance to Global Finals.
  • Officials Schedules — Volunteers are asked to report to DI-Centeral  15 minutes before assignment.